Prices of the guesthouse per night


Pre and post season (1th of November – 15th of June)

At weekdaysAt weekends
For 6 persons: 50.000 Ft / houseFor 6 persons: 52.000 Ft / house
For 7 persons: 55.000 Ft / houseFor 7 persons: 57.000 Ft / house
For 8 persons: 60.000 Ft / houseFor 8 persons: 62.000 Ft / house

Main season and holidays (15 of June – 31th of October)

For 6 persons: 54.000 Ft / house
For 7 persons: 61.500 Ft / house
For 8 persons: 68.000 Ft / house

Prices may vary based on the nights spent, please ask for a quote on the phone (+36 30 287 9861) or contact us on our website!

Booking conditions

  • We don’t charge for children under age 3, who share a bed with the parents or using a baby bed.
  • In high season and on holidays the number of minimum bookable nights are 3.
  • In pre-season the minimum bookable nights on weekends are 2.
  • Tourism tax (IFA): 580 Ft/adult/night


During holidays we charge the high season prices and the minimum bookable nights are 3.

National Holiday: 15th of March
Easter: 29th of March – 1th of April
Labour Day: 1st of May
Whitsun: 17th of May – 20th of May
Foundation Day: 16th of August – 20th of August
Hungarian Revolution of 1956: 23rd of October
Christmas: 23rd of December -26th of December
New Year’s Eve: 28th of December – 1st of January

Breakfast opportunity
We recommend you the breakfast of MANOOKA KÁVÉZÓ in Eger.