High season and holidays Pre season Other
15th June-31st August 15th March-14th June and 1st September-30th October 31st October-14th March
4 persons 16.000 HUF/night 14.000 HUF/night
5 persons 20.000 HUF/night 18.000 HUF/night
6 persons 27.000 HUF/night 24.000 HUF/night 20.000 HUF/night
7 persons 30.000 HUF/night 27.000 HUF/night 23.000 HUF/night
8 persons 32.000 HUF/night 30.000 HUF/night 25.000 HUF/night

Booking conditions

We don’t charge for children under age 4, who share a bed with the parents or using a baby bed.
The apartman house can be reserved for less than 4 persons only last minute.
In high season the minimum bookable nights are 4.
In pre season the minimum bookable nights on weekends are 2.
The spare bed in the bedrooms can only be used by children.
Small pets can be brought in to the house for 500 HUF/night, in case you let us know in advance.


National holiday, 15-18 March
Eger Rally, 23-25 March
Good Friday, Eastern, 30 March-2 April
International Labor Day, 27 April-1 May
Pentecost, 18-21 May
Foundation day, 17-20 August
Hungarian Revolution of 1956, 19-23 October
All Saints’ Day, 1 October-4 November
Christmas, 21-26 December
New year’s eve, 27 December – 1 January

Tourism tax (IFA): 450 Ft / adult / night

Prices may vary based on the nights spent, please ask for a quote!